HoverCam Products

HoverCam products are document cameras and scanners combined in one, small unit. HoverCam is dramatically reshaping the landscape of both product categories with their high resolution, enhanced functionality, and breakthrough price/performance. HoverCam provides outstanding value in high resolution document cameras for education. When used with a projector in class to show live, large screen images of documents, worksheets or 3-D objects, the HoverCam’s camera provides clear images, even of small text. In addition, each HoverCam is also a desktop scanner with a full suite of office-enhancing software.

HoverCam Solo 8

Solo 8 is possibly the best document camera ever built. It is the world’s first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 document camera delivering brilliant 8-Megapixel resolution and stunning 30 frames-per-second full motion video. With the Solo 8 the finest of details come to life and video becomes captivating and truly lag-free. Includes:  *Solo 8 Document Camera  *5′ USB3.0 Cable  *Quick Start Guide  *HoverCam FlexVIEW & FlexCAP Software

Check out the superior quality and versatility of HoverCam Solo 8; for scanning, to fit on teachers’ desktops, for recording video/flipped learning, for ease of use with interactive whiteboards.

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HoverCam Solo 5

Solo 5 is the world’s fastest 5 megapixel USB document camera for education, which means clearer images during classroom instruction. This multi-functional device can capture tiny details or A3 documents so teachers can show a whole textbook clearly. Includes: *Solo 5 Document Camera  *Velvet Pouch  *4.3′ USB2.0 Cable  *Positioning Mat  *Quick Start Guide  *HoverCam Flex 3.0 Software

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HoverCam Mini 5

The world’s smallest document camera ideal as a portable scanning solution for people on the go. Mini 5′s footprint takes up very little space on your desktop and is always available when you need it to scan, record a video or better explain a concept over the Internet. Not only is it much smaller than a traditional document camera or flatbed scanner, its powerful software allows you to do so much more. Includes: *Mini 5 Document Camera  *Carrying Case  *Positioning Bumper  *Positioning Mat  *4.3in USB 2.0 Cable  *Velvet Pouch  *Quick Start Guide  *HoverCam Flex 3.0 Software

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HoverCam Neo 3

Combining Versatility and Portability – Shoot any Letter sized paper in any direction while maintaining a nimble footprint that fits in your briefcase. This camera offers powerful Zoom with Usability – Bring the finest details into 40x crystal clarity with the touch of your mouse wheel. It delivers Clarity and Speed – See the finest details without blurriness and without delay.

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HoverCam T3

High Resolution Document Camera

HoverCam T3 replaces bulky, lower resolution document cameras. It’s ultra portable with a tiny footprint. It produces smooth, HD video images that are always in focus, making your visual presentation a “wow” experience.

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HoverCam_T5HoverCam T5

More than a scanner. More than a camera.

The HoverCam T5 replaces your outdated scanner. It’s quick, paper-jam-free and ultra portable, yet produces high resolution scan results. The HoverCam Flex software makes managing scanned files and full-screen presentations easy tasks.

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HoverCam Flex Software

Available for your Mac or PC!

Hovercam Flex is a Rich Internet Application (RIA), based and developed on Adobe Air 3.0 technology. Because of it, we are able to put together a user-friendly, cross platform, and, most importantly, powerful tool for all of your quick and simple scanning and digital filing needs.

For most of us, capturing the document image is only the beginning. We need a tool to manage digitized documents for storage, emailing, faxing, backing up to cloud, file manipulation, such as saving to PDF. Hovercam Flex does it all, is free with the purchase of a HoverCam camera and includes the features listed below.

  • Video Presentation
  • Screen Recording
  • Scanning
  • Catapult
  • Cloud Integration
  • Archive Manager
  • MSI Installer Package
  • OCR

GradeCentral Assessment SoftwareHoverCam_GradeCentral-1

HoverCam_GradeCentral_mainTesting made easier than ever!

Test your students, grade their exams with HoverCam GradeCentral and instantly see reports in the Gradebook. It’s that simple. GradeCentral is designed exclusively to be used with a HoverCam document camera. Grade multiple-choice tests and get instant reports for constant monitoring of where students are in the learning process.

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