Many aspects of Government are being enhanced and improved by breakthrough technologies. Today there are mandates requiring technology to achieve progressive communications goals born from public expectations for access to and communications with their government. Whether you are broadcasting government and open meetings, enhancing communication between government officials, maximizing security, delivering emergency communications, or operating a control center you’ll need world class products to stay ahead of the curve. GDI has those products!

Are your clients working with government agencies to design controls rooms?

Matrox has a variety of graphics hardware solutions for dispatch systems (emergency, train, flight, OMS, etc.), control room operator stations (process control, network operations, command and control, and other control applications), as well as other government, and mission-critical systems.

Are you supplying communications directors, city managers or IT managers for government agencies?

Due to the rapid proliferation of broadband Internet they need to achieve ambitions communications goals. Let us introduce you to OspreyVideo, a leader in providing live and on-demand streaming solutions via Internet and mobile devices. Their technology offers support with government initiatives in the following ways:

  • Broadcasting and webcasting government and open meetings over the Internet.
  • Enhancing communication between government officials and their constituents.
  • Maximizing security, traffic observation and surveillance.
  • Delivering improved services to the public via emergency communications, public messages traffic and transportation information.
  • Making highway traffic and public camera views available for emergency management personnel, first responders, Homeland Security.