GDI’s premium product lines offer graphics engines and video I/O capabilities used in broadcast, content creation, corporate communications, digital signage, education, telemedicine, process control and government solutions.

Are you creating complete multi-display solutions? We have products that support dual, quad and beyond!

GDI carries the full line of Matrox Graphics products, offering multiple display solutions, graphics cards, expansion modules, extension technology, display wall, IP video decoding and remote computing. Matrox works hard to find the optimal combination of fanless design, low power consumption, and best-of-breed 2D image quality to ensure MTBF and long product life cycles. Perfect for financial traders, CAD&GIS, Medical imaging, Security and surround gaming. Matrox products cover the gamut for integrators looking for top of the line quality.

Does your business create systems that require either analog or digital video I/O with standard or high definition capture capabilities?

OspreyVideo technology has long represented the standard in the industry for features, functionality, quality and reliability. Osprey capture cards are available for single or multiple source video and audio capture. There are analog and SDI products for standard definition and HD capture. Whichever Osprey product best suits your requirements, WHQL certified drivers will simplify integration of Osprey capture and pre-processing features into your solution for distance learning, telemedicine, process control, government public access, or corporate communications, to name a few.