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Matrox Releases Expanded Support for Telestream Wirecast!

In Matrox release 7.3 for PC, Matrox ISO recording is expanded to include additional codecs so all of your customers can use NLE of choice for post event editing of live productions. Wirecast users are sure to find the exact digital and analog video and audio connectivity they need in the versatile Matrox product line, plus they can add channels as budgets allow.
What’s New

*Support for using multiple Matrox I/O devices with Telestream Wirecast Studio and Telestream Wirecast Pro 4.2.4

*Additional codec support for Matrox ISO recording, including Matrox MAX H.264 with Matrox MAX devices; DV/DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD.

Download Release 7.3 for PC!

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